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Nighthorse's problems at the casino escalate. Walt gets an unexpected visitor. An inevitable confrontation leads to lives changed.
I loved the entire Longmire series, but in the last few episodes of season 6, it appeared the writers may have been trying to force the show to finally jump the shark. The last episode evolved into something like 24 with everyone running around like crazy and Walt acting like Jack Bauer in a cowboy hat.<br/><br/>If it did, it was in the last episode. It was a hurried mess, with characters acting as though the world was coming to an end. Walt and Vic hooking up reminded me more of one of those disaster movies where everyone is going to die, so why not? <br/><br/>After orchestrating a highly successful and intricate crime organization, Malachi and his henchmen became extremely stupid and careless in the last episode, similar to the bad guys at the end of an old Chips episode or something. Not to mention the luck and physical resiliency that Walt, Henry, Vic and even Jacob displayed, similar to Jack Bauer. Apparently the water in that part of Wyoming helps gunshot and stab wounds hear fast, not to mention beatings.<br/><br/>Then there is Cady running for sheriff? It appears Walt had leftover Longmire campaign signs that he didn&#39;t want to throw away and the only way to use them was to have Cady run.<br/><br/>This deluded plot turn makes no sense since Cady does not display the political tact for sheriff Walt seemed to suggest. It would have made more sense for her to run for mayor and put the current weasel out of office. Cady&#39;s qualifications for sheriff, or even continuing as a lawyer, are questionable – she shows poor judgment, lacks understanding of basic laws and legal proceedings (how did she ever get those previous job offers in New York?), violated client confidentiality, got personally involved in her cases, quit every job she had in failure, including the large law firm representing the casino, physically attacked her boss, and she has no law enforcement experience. The only thing she has done is shot dead the husband of one of her clients, which normally is not a good thing. She was planning to go to New York to pursue her legal career? Doesn&#39;t make much sense when she claims she wants to help underrepresented people like she attempted to do on the reservation. I wish there was a season 7 just so I could hear how Cady campaigns on her qualifications other than being Walt Longmire&#39;s daughter.<br/><br/>The writers could have had Walt do more to groom Vic for sheriff instead of sending her on the out of character crisis she had in season 6. She is a more palatable choice for sheriff.<br/><br/>Zack came back, which was nice, but will he really want to be working for his girlfriend Cady who has no law enforcement experience? Sort of a professional conflict for Cady before she even gets elected. Fire Zack again?<br/><br/>The whole Ferg love-drama was strange. However, I did like how his character was allowed to grow towards the end.<br/><br/>I actually sort of liked Jacob. While he was a &quot;bad&quot; guy so to speak, he seemed to have some sort of conscience. However, what happened to his business instincts? Why did he take the $1 million rather than get a bail bondsman to cover at fraction of that amount? He must have some source money available, home equity, etc. He can&#39;t be flat broke all of a sudden. He gave Cady $750K for the legal office and she only spent $200K so far. Ask for some back and post bond and avoid the mess.<br/><br/>Henry getting to run the casino was good, I liked that and he had a good background for it, and it was a nice step up. People complaining about the suit, I don&#39;t get that. As the manager, Henry can choose what to wear, so the suit is his choice. He has worn one before.<br/><br/>What happened to Travis? Its like the writers ran out of screen time. I didn&#39;t even go into the whole east coast Irish Mob connection, but assume that was done for PC reasons.<br/><br/>Matthias is the only character that seems to have remained normal. He was one of my favorite characters in the show.<br/><br/>I liked Walt smiling on the phone at the end, sort of shows character development combined with his retirement, opening up to others rather than closing them off like during the series.<br/><br/>Longmire is a great series despite the last few episode and a somewhat weaker season 6. I&#39;d hate to think the show jumped the shark, but if it did, it was in the last episode.
The last season as a whole was disappointing. Did enjoy some of the directions they took the characters such as Henry Standing Bear but who they turned Walt&#39;s character into was a huge let down. Once a man of true principles and selfless they turned into a person who cares for himself more then others.<br/><br/>The sound track was the only redeamable feature.

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